Okay, am I too old? Are my kids too young?


Blaster Tag is a great game for all ages.

In a typical day, the first few hours are a younger crowd, think elementary or junior high age.

At about 7 PM daily it tends to switch to an older crowd, 16+ year olds, college age, families, and older.

What is Blaster Tag?
Blaster Tag is a competitive sport in which teams seek to eliminate opposing players by shooting them with Nerf blasters. Blaster Tag is played in a rectangular indoor arena filled with obstacles. It’s most similar to laser tag or indoor paintball. There are several game variations for playing Blaster Tag including Team Challenge, Capture the Flag, and Protect the King.
Do I need to make a reservation?

Calling ahead and reserving a time is recommended, but not required. You can just show up and most of the time you will get right in to play.

If the arena has hit max capacity and you didn’t call ahead, there may be a wait. If you call ahead you will most likely have no wait time, and if you do it will only be a few minutes.

Phone number to reserve is 801-224-1295.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?

If you have a party package, you can bring cake, ice cream, and whatever else you like!

If you want pizza, we have an awesome deal with a local pizza place, Main Street Pizza. To keep the quality high and the price low, we do require pizza comes through us. But it’s the best deal around, $8.50 for large 1 or 2 topping pizza, $11 for any specialty pizza.

Is Blaster Tag safe?
Extremely safe. Blaster Tag uses Nerf blasters that shoot foam discs and darts. Players are required to wear safety glasses while playing Blaster Tag to ensure that they are not hit in the eyes.
What should I wear to Blaster Tag?
There is no specific dress code required to play Blaster Tag. We recommend that customers dress in athletic clothes that they feel comfortable running and crouching in. Tennis shoes are also recommended.
How old do you need to be to play Blaster Tag?
We leave it up to parents to determine when their children are ready to play Blaster Tag; however, we feel like ages 5 and up works well as a general guideline. Note that parents must sign a waiver before children 17 and under will be allowed to participate.
Do I need to bring my own blaster?
No. We have 2 blaster options that we provide to all customers with admission. We also have 4 additional upgraded blasters that players looking for an edge in the arena may rent.
Can I bring my own blaster?
Yes. We allow Nerf blasters that shoot Vortex Discs or Elite Darts. To ensure that you do not lose your blaster, we ask that you write your name on it prior to using it in the arena.
Do I need to show up on the hour?
No, you can show up whenever. We’ll just put you in the arena as soon as you arrive.